Urgent need for new sanitary rooms in St. Johns Koru Primary School

This is the ‘toilet’ the six-year-old students of the St. John's Koru Primary School are using at the moment. Shockingly, this is also the same toilet the six-year-old Janvier has used during her time at the school, several years ago. The situation is not only inhumane and disastrous, but also dangerous for the young students. What seems already unimaginable for many European citizens, toilets without doors is just the smallest problem at the Primary School. Toilets have no doors, doors are not able to be closed and the amount of toilets is by far insufficient, with currently only 9 toilets for 900 students. Even worse, lately, one of the toilets has sunk. Blessing in disguise, it collapsed during the night so that no one was harmed at the moment. But the hole is still open and children can fall into it, which is still a substantial hazard. When Janvier and John visited the school in February 2022, they were shocked. And their will to fulfil their mission of providing a safe educational setting for students became strengthened: ShillohCare wants to build new, safe and sustainable toilets for the school. Two blocks are planned, with each having seven toilets for the students and two for the teachers. After having contacted many construction companies, the founders are concerned with the balance between costs and quality. The founders want to provide the students and the school with toilets that are safe, reliable and qualitative enough to last long-term. But these important and necessary standards are costly to build in Kenya - Therefore we need YOUR help.



SCF will strive to ensure that widows have easy access to expertise that may, otherwise, be beyond their reach thereby creating their own economic stability.


Supporting widows by providing life transition resources and immediate network connections. Facilitating the healing process and allowing for rebuilding and re-engaging in life and society.

Residential care

This will be organized for the healthy elderly who can no longer manage to independently live in their own homes, hence taken into our care home.

Pro Bono

Engage mostly pro bono services of National experts to provide medical, legal and financial advice using practical workshops and conferences.

Mental health

Provide formal and vocational, counselling and emotional well-being as well as moral and spiritual discipleship.

Living standards

Improve the living standards of widows through social and economic empowerment – skill based training


Work towards environmental regeneration, conserving clean water and promoting sanitation.


Help create/find market for produce/knowledge – once they are established in their areas of skills.

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