In 2018 more than half of the sexually active adolescent females in Kenya had an unmet desire for contraceptives. Moreover, according to the Guttmacher Institute, nearly 70% of the unintended pregnancies in Kenya occurred in this age group of young adolescents (15-19 years).

Females, including married women, widows but especially adolescent girls, need access to and education about sexual and reproductive health (SRH). This universal right to access information and services to take care of their bodies shall not be taken from anyone. ShillohCare has established an SRH Team to focus on the special needs of adolescent girls (10-19 years) and give them special assistance to support them wherever needed.

This includes firstly education on how to take care of their bodies and prevent them from unwanted pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted infections like HIV. Moreover, ShillohCare is providing women with Health packages, including sanitary products of all types.

Lastly, the ShillohCare volunteers have been working hard to establish ‘Safe Spaces’ for females, who require a place to go to after sexual harassment, abuse, domestic violence or similar occurrences. In those situations, girls and females are often mostly unprotected. Out of fear, most of the victims are afraid to contact the majorly male police officers. Hence, it is more important than ever in those situations to provide a ‘Safe Space’ for those females: Where they are heard, where they can talk, where they can get mental support, where they are safe, where they are protected from their abusers - Those are exactly the Spaces ShillohCare is establishing. To create even more ‘Safe Spaces’ and offer more abused girls a place to come to and be protected, we would like to ask you for your help!




SCF will strive to ensure that widows have easy access to expertise that may, otherwise, be beyond their reach thereby creating their own economic stability.


Supporting widows by providing life transition resources and immediate network connections. Facilitating the healing process and allowing for rebuilding and re-engaging in life and society.

Residential care

This will be organized for the healthy elderly who can no longer manage to independently live in their own homes, hence taken into our care home.

Pro Bono

Engage mostly pro bono services of National experts to provide medical, legal and financial advice using practical workshops and conferences.

Mental health

Provide formal and vocational, counselling and emotional well-being as well as moral and spiritual discipleship.

Living standards

Improve the living standards of widows through social and economic empowerment – skill based training


Work towards environmental regeneration, conserving clean water and promoting sanitation.


Help create/find market for produce/knowledge – once they are established in their areas of skills.

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Females, including married women, widows but especially adolescent girls, need access to and...

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